3 x Five Things ficlets - that's right, little friend
Toby/Sam: The Batman and Robin of Speechwriting
Mon, Sep. 11th, 2006 05:55 pm
3 x Five Things ficlets

Okay, so I was thinking to myself, "Self (I revert to Joss-speak when troubled), you're supposed to be co-mod of a community, and there's no posts there. What to do?" And as I was pondering this, and simultaneously pondering how my Sam/Toby 5 things meme answers had spiralled into more than a thousand words, suddenly there was an answer. So...

Five Times Sam and Toby almost Kissed

Five ways Toby avoided telling Sam 'I love you'

Five ways Toby would have seduced Sam, if it weren't for their careers

All are links to my journal :-)