And one more ... :) Title: The River Author: raedbard… - that's right, little friend
Toby/Sam: The Batman and Robin of Speechwriting
Sat, Jan. 27th, 2007 11:06 pm
And one more ... :)

Title: The River
Author: raedbard
Fandom: TWW
Pairing: Toby/Sam, plus David Ziegler, Julie Ziegler, Huck and Molly and Sam's scary secretary.
Rating: R for content: sex, swearwords and suicide. (Toby is Mr. FunTimeHappyGuy.)
Words: c. 4,900
Timeline/Spoilers: Immediately pre- 6.16 'Drought Conditions'.
Disclaimer: I don't claim to be Aaron Sorkin or John Wells. My impressions aren't that good. But my sandbox is more fun to play in.
Summary: You are the brother I knew how to love and you were the brother I was sorry to lose. Probably a story about a legacy.

The River