Pimping an Awesome Group! - that's right, little friend
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Mon, Jul. 13th, 2009 09:09 pm
Pimping an Awesome Group!

  [info - community] all_it_takes_is_love  and it's Livejournal mirror </a></b></a>it_takes_love  are multifandom fanfiction/fanart/vid communities dedicated to  the positive portrayal of nonconventional families. Conventional families are one man+one woman=there biological kids and nonconventional families is everyone else. So for all those stories about single parents, older parents, same-sex parents, polyamorous families this is place to be. 
Specifically this a community for fics and other fannish things that show that a family doesn't have to be normative to be loving. 

Hopefully people will at least have it on their radar, because the more fandoms and pairings the better.